Special Training Report: BACK-DOOR MLM SPONSORING

There are two types of sponsoring. One is prospect sponsoring. If you give enough prospects your offer, some will enroll.
It all depends on the timing. If the timing is right, you have a good chance of enrolling the person. But if the timing is not right,
you have almost no chance. And usually, the timing is not right for most of the people you contact. Time is your enemy with
prospect sponsoring. This Special Training Report will show you how to take advantage of this.

This is REAL Networking:

The other type of sponsoring is what I call RELATIONAL SPONSORING. These are people with whom you have developed
some type of relationship. They enroll because of YOU - of who you are. Their primary reason for enrolling is not the opportunity
or the products - - it's you. Relational sponsoring is frequently very easy and may not take much time; but building the relationship
does take time. It takes time to develop a relationship of respect and trust. Obviously this is not for the "sales pro", because they are
only interested in "making the kill", not in developing relationships. But this method can bring some very powerful people into your
downline - it just takes time. And time is your ally, with Back Door Sponsoring.

Back-Door Sponsoring works like this: Let's say you contact a person and they are so excited about their new program that they
can't sit down. Or assume they call you and begin their pitch before you have finished saying "Hello". Obviously, they are not a
good prospect for your MLM company; that is, not now they aren't. But what they are promoting is probably a "fold-up" company,
that probably will be gone in six months. What do you do with this non-prospect? Ask them some questions to get them off their
"soap box" and thinking in your direction. 1. "Where did you get my name?" 2. "Are the names expensive?" 3. "Are the names
fresh and up to date?" 4. "What kind of training did they give you?" Then give your speech: I SPECIALIZE in building nationwide
downlines and in providing people with the great leads and the best training in the industry. The training is a Training Workshop,
on how to convert these leads into distributors in YOUR company. If you could have a steady stream of leads FREE each month,
would you be interested? I'll send you some information. Let's get YOUR organization into momentum?

When they enroll, continue to call them and offer help and develop a relationship. (You are their
sponsor, be a real sponsor.) When their company goes out of business 6 months later, there you are - - standing at their back door,
ready to enroll them into your primary program. You are there whenever the timing is right. This is called "BackDoor Sponsoring".
If you can't sponsor a person right now at their front door, sponsor them later at their back door. If they're not open right now, go
to their back door and wait. Time is now on your side. This is an ideal system for prospects who are not "open" now. Sooner or
later is "OK" with you. Remember, "no" really means "not now", if you are practicing back-door sponsoring.

You will find that most "heavy hitters" are sponsored this way. It's a POWERFUL method for sponsoring leaders. But remember,
back doors are only for friends.

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