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"Are You Making Money Online Yet?"

We ask that question all the time and unfortunately, the response is NO over 84% (or more) of the time.

That's just sad, but it's easy to see why... when programs are telling people so many lies. There's one site actually telling people they can make over $500,000 for only $5 a month (and there are many more sites making similarly ridiculous claims).

Now mathematically they are probably telling the truth, but you would need to have 50,000 - 100,000 (probably more) people in your downline to make this a reality and getting those kinds of numbers is NOT a reality.

So what do you do to make money online? We strongly suggest you follow our lead and offer the online tools, training and resources to those people trying to make money with all the other programs.

You will be helping them and giving them a much better chance at succeeding in their program(s) and you can make some pretty sweet money at the same time, as the system we use has a 3-level payout affiliate program.

Remember the people who made the most money in the gold rush days were not the prospectors... the people who made the most money and the easy money were the people offering all the tools to the prospectors.

The system we have, and the one you should get as well includes all this plus more:

New and Easy Way to Build Your Own Prospect List... (Cutting Edge List Building)
FREE Trial Account With No Credit Card Required... (check out our Special Offer, we're always running one!)
Every Online Tool Needed for Success... (Complete Online Marketing System)
Simple Step by Step Instructions, So Everyone Can Benefit... (User Friendly )
Online Marketing Training - Like You've Never Before Seen.... (Cutting Edge Internet Marketing Training)
Everything Included With Absolutely No Up-Selling... (Integrity)
So Easy That Anyone Can Be Setup In Less Than 40 Seconds... (Quick and Simple)
Extremely Affordable Upgrade - with Deferred Payment Solution... (Assessable to Everyone)
Owned and Operated by the Same Company Since 1999... (Dependable)

Yes, I Want To Start Making Money Online

Hi... My name is: Bill Straub | Team24k Founder | February 2004...
My phone number is: 1-206-666-4498 (North America) | 601-7350-3469 (Asia Pacific)...
My Email Address is: [email protected]...

Bill Straub Network Marketing MLM Direct Sales Affiliate Commission Checksand I will help you with your Online Marketing success, by making sure you get the Easy to Use Online Tools and Training, Marketing Training, Help and Support, Advertising Resources, etc. I purchased the domain name - team24k.com - way back in February of 2004 to promote my current Network Marketing | MLM | Affiliate Program | Direct Selling company at the time, with the hopes of building a huge team and helping everyone on my team build a huge downline. Life since then, became even more of a very interesting journey... with many new things to learn.

I used to search for this tool and that training and it was a never ending quest. Now, we have streamlined all the resources into one system and everything is under one roof (in one convenient, user-friendly place)... making our journey to success, much more efficient. I'm going to show you how to get this system (the same one I have and use), but customized with your information and I'll show you how to properly build your very own prospect list - that you can use to promote any legal program, product or service. Along with the List Builders | Autoresponders | Contact Managers, we have Ad Tracking (Ad Trackers), Webpage Creators, Url Rotators, Team Builders with Multiple Streams of Income, Training Centers, and other tools and resources.

So, if you want to succeed online - you must have a prospect list... i.e. know how to build a list and use it. Those who have the lists, make the money... those who don't have a list, don't make money. It is that simple! By the way - that's me in the photo, visiting and helping Pat get started back in July 2009.

Yes, I Want To Start Making Money Online

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